Serial Communication to PC

A useful tool when prototyping electronic devices is serial communication between the AVR chip and a computer (in this case a PC). This enables the PC to act (temporarily at least) as the display for any digital readouts sent from the microcontroller the project might involve. There are different ways to configure a serial communication system, but in my case, I had a old PC lying around that needed a new lease on life…:

an old PC running Windows XP that has the old DB9 serial socket:       
an ATmega168 powered by the Olimex development board AVR-P28 (see picture)
a serial cable to connect the PC to the development board

Hyperterminal on Windows XP allows for control of the serial communication settings. The settings I use are as follows:

Bits per second : 9600

Data bits : 0

Parity: None

Stop bits : 1

Flow Control : None

The Olimex development board already has a DB9 connector and the electronics to convert the signal from the computer into something the AVR can understand.

to be continued…