Electronic Projects

Car Battery Voltage Monitor: A wireless car battery voltage monitor that interfaces with a desktop Apple Mac to warn when a car’s battery needs charging. Useful in preventing unexpected car battery problems on cold mornings!

Wireless Temperature Sensor: Although you can buy these on the internet in many different form factors, I have yet to find one that interfaces well with a computer. This device will interface with an Apple Mac to provide temperatures on demand from remote sensors placed around the home.

Wireless Movement Sensor: This device will employ a battery-operated passive infrared sensor that can be deployed anywhere in the home or garden that will relay either live or recorded information about movement.

The RUOBOT: A remotely-controlled wheeled robot that will have a camera attached to it for remote viewing. The idea behind this was to go into difficult-to-access floor spaces of the home to investigate infrastructure and maintenance problems. Of course it has many other uses too!

Light Wavelength Detector: An electronic device to detect the wavelengths of light emitted by different types of lighting. This is particularly useful for the indoor horticulturist or indoor gardener in manipulating their lighting conditions to make sure that they are optimal for plant growth.